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Наконец-то Гару оставил сообщение для своих фанаток в своем официальном блоге, который он сам редактирует и посещает, чем привел пользователей сайта в бешенный восторг! Не знаю, как Вы, но наша "команда" очень трепетно относится к его сообщениям в своем блоге, следит за появлением новых и комментирует их.

Вашему вниманию предоставлено его сообщение на английском и французском языках в том виде, в каком оно было оставлено на MySpace.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

G-Blog 04-09-08

Hi everyone, summer is already over and for those who taught that I was on vacation, you're all wrong!!! I know that most of you knew that I was filming a made-for-TV movie, did some shows, prepared and co-animated a big event for the 400th anniversary of the beautiful Quebec City, launched my love's album in Canada, enjoy my little girl and read your messages, etc., etc., etc. Well, that's done!

My first experience as an actor in a movie was memorable. The vibe on the set was incredible and we were all a big family that I already misses. The movie director Eric Civanyan was the perfect guide for my first steps as an actor. I would like to thank everybody that was involved in that project, actors, technicians,... with whom I had a great time. On day one, I felt in my element even if I just arrived in Montreal a couple of days before, the 26th of June I sang on the Leonard Cohen's tribute the same day ... Далее »

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