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First Steps Born in Sherbrooke, Quebec on June 26, 1972, Garou came into the world eight years after the birth of his sister Maryse. Raised on music from the cradle, he trained his ear and developed an uncommon sense of rhythm growing up in a home where family gatherings were always a musical occasion. At the age of three, Garou's parents, aware of his potential, presented their son with a guitar. His father, who played the instrument as a hobby, taught his son a few chords, and Garou immediately demonstrated an innate talent. Two years later, Garou discovered both the piano and the organ. While music has been his life-long love, it was not, ironically, Garou's first career choice. As a child he dreamed of becoming an archaeologist and was fascinated by excavation and the discovery process associated with it. In fact, as an adult, Garou acknowledges that archaeology and music share an important trait: both are linked by a child-like joy in sharing discoveries. "As an artist, you're in constant contact with the child inside you and the child-like fascination with life that makes people want to live. It's the reason I love to sing." The Early Journey In his early teens, Garou was a model student at the Séminaire de Sherbrooke, the private school for boys he attended. However, by the age of 14, his grades plunged and he adopted an attitude of defiance of authority and conformity. His parents and teachers were at a loss to understand. In music class, Garou was assigned the trumpe ... Далее »
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